Memories of our first car last a lifetime

IN many people's lives, cars are more than just a device to get one from point A to point B.

They are a passion item - something to be revered and in many instances something which takes precedence over all else in our lives.

Our first car can often start that passionate journey.

We asked Gladstone residents about their first car. Here are some of their responses:

Allen Winter, Observer deputy editor:

It was a 1934 Austin 10.

If there was a tail wind and I was going down a hill it would reach 50 miles per hour.

It cost me 19 pounds and it was my pride and joy.

Unfortunately it came to a sticky end when a man in a flash Citroen came around a blind corner on my side of the road.

But the insurance company of the time paid me out 40 pounds, so I was ahead.

That was the start of a lifetime love of cars and all things which have a motor.

Dean Lindsay: Datsun 180B. It was an old one and we fixed it up. It was a great car.

Noel Kearny: I paid $125 for mine in 1976, a Triumph Herald.

Cedric Williams: It was an EK Holden station wagon, It got me where I needed to go.

Rhianna Schmidt: A 1996 Ford Laser. I still have it. I was 16 when I bought it.

Gary Bryant: Mine was an old FJ Holden ute. I remember going around a corner and a wheel falling off.

Nikki Pasquale: I had a Ford Laser, It lasted me 10 years. It was written off after a hail storm in my work car park in Gladstone.

Frank Bowen: It was a 1928 Chev Utility. I paid 10 pound and a .303 rifle for it.

Tell us about your first car in comments. And don't miss Wednesday's Observer for 40 local people telling us about their first cars.

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