BITS find football form with win

BITS are starting to hit their straps in Community League Football, according to coach Paul Blomfield, and are edging towards the form they showed in 2010.

Last year’s minor premiers have been slow in reaching a standard on the park the coach feels the side should be displaying, but the performance at the weekend went some way to rectifying this in his eyes.

The dynamic Dominic Tanner was in sparkling form on Saturday in the team’s 4-1 victory over Yaralla, a 30-metre free kick leaving the goalkeeper planted to the square just one display of his talent during the game.

The victory was the first for BITS this year after several losses; however, the side was also the strongest put on the field so far this year.

"We’re improving and starting to play more like a team; no one has played too well, but on Saturday we played a lot harder for each other," Blomfield said.

"Playing a full strength side probably showed at the weekend. We attacked a lot better and the quick ball movement helped us score four pretty good goals."

Right midfielder Jordan Roper and right back Adam Gaffel were scorers for BITS in a match where players in the centre of the field dominated.

"Bolstering the midfield a bit made our job at the back a lot easier and the range of scorers showed that," he said.

Blomfield said the season couldn’t start soon enough, as the players are itching to get among the serious action.

"Everyone’s keen to start playing for points and you’re playing for a bit more," he said.

"I hope when we’re playing for points they can step it up that bit more."

Valleys had a big win over an undermanned Central White side, 9-nil, in a goal fest, with strikers Anderson Da Silva and Adam Lassig among the goals, as was Mark Nancarrow and Cam Perry for Valleys.

Valleys president Col Nevell said the first division team was slowly starting to play the brand of football he expected from them and they were looking forward to the season starting in several weeks’ time when points would be up for grabs.

Nevell said the opening goal was nailed in the first five minutes and a constant stream followed throughout the match.

In women’s matches, BITS defeated Yaralla, 11-nil, Clinton got over the top of United, 3-1, and Wolves had an easy win over Meteors.


Women – Clinton v United, 3-nil, BITS v Yaralla, 11-nil, Valleys v Central White, 1-nil,

 Men – BITS one v Yaralla one, 4-1, Bits two v Yaralla two, 4-1, United v Clinton, 4-nil, Central Black v Valleys two, 2-nil, Valleys v Central White, 9-nil, Wolves one v Calliope, 15-1, Wolves two v Meteors, 9-1.

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