Bill Murray blasts the Oscars

BILL Murray says wanting an Oscar feels "like a virus."

The 64-year-old star admits he "had been infected" by Oscar fever in 2004 when he convinced himself that he was going to win the Best Actor trophy for 'Lost in Translation' before he losing out to 'Mystic River' star Sean Penn, and now believes winning the prestigious accolade can ruin acting careers.  

Asked if he plans to campaign for his new Harvey Weinstein-produced movie, 'St Vincent,' ahead of next year's ceremony, the 64-year-old actor told Variety magazine: "I've never done that. I know that's something Harvey does -- he forces you to do these things. I'm not that way. If you want an award so much, it's like a virus. It's an illness."  

But Bill also believes Oscars often put too much pressure on the winners after all the excitement has died down.  

He said: "People have this post-Oscar blowback. They starting thinking, 'I can't do a movie unless it's Oscar-worthy.' It just seems people have difficulty making the right choices after that."  

The actor claims he is "normal" and insists fame hasn't changed him.  

He said: "I was kind of formed early on. People go, 'Oh you act like that because you're a big shot.' No, I always acted like a jerk. I came from a big family."  

The 'Monuments Men' star doesn't have a manager or an agent, and only recently got a smart phone so he can communicate with his six sons, Homer, Luke, Cal, Jackson, Lincoln and Cooper, ages 13 to 32.  

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