Toolooa State High School students, are they ready for next year.
Toolooa State High School students, are they ready for next year. Brenda Strong

Big world waiting to be explored after Year 12 ends

AFTER completing 12 years of schooling, it's justifiable school students need a well deserved, fun break.

With countless possibilities of schoolies destinations, students across the region are celebrating their graduation in many different ways.

Two Toolooa students, Nikki Aitkenhead, 17, and Deanna Iannantuono, 17, are heading to Byron Bay for Schoolies week.

Lynnette Murdoch, 17, and Jenna Brown, 17, will be joining many other school leavers to possibly the most popular schoolies locations, Surfers Paradise.

Every year the controversial week is celebrated by many ready-to-party graduates. With the copious amount of supervision by the police and volunteer Red Frogs, schoolies can safely celebrate their years of schooling.

Maddi Brown, 17, is travelling beyond Australian borders for a different schoolies experience in Italy for a holiday to visit a friend.

Despite the many holiday destinations for graduates, some students at Toolooa High, like Simone Byron, 17, are choosing to save their money and have a few weeks off to relax.

Kane Isenbert, 17, is steering away from the beach parties and hype of schoolies and going for a holiday to the Northern Territory.

No matter how the class of 2012 chooses to celebrate its graduation, Australia, and beyond, have so much to offer.

As for career plans after graduation, their were were various responses, with some students still deciding on their future.

Popular ideas included TAFE courses coinciding with full-time work.

Full-time study at TAFE followed by searching for work within the field of study afterwards was also a preferred option.

Some graduates are planning on having a gap year, keeping in mind the possibilities of university study in 2014.

In the meantime, they hope to find full-time work, enabling them to save money and figure out what career path they want to take in the future.

University degrees are becoming increasingly popular, and were among some student's plans over the next few years.

When considering the prospects within the region, graduates have countless opportunities with a variation of career paths available.

Many anxious high school students across the region will be nervously making their final decision on where to go now their high school lives are coming to an end.

Let's hope for all graduates that as one door closes, another more exciting door opens.


Formals and Graduations

Tannum Sands State High

Formal: Wednesday, November 14

Gladstone State High

Formal: Tuesday, November 13

Toolooa State High

Formal: Friday, November 16

Channel College

Formal: Wednesday, November 14

St Stephens Lutheran College

Formal: Friday, November 16

All schools graduate on Friday, November 16

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