Gladstone's favourite Big Brother winner responds to Yes win

Ben Norris was the winner of Big Brother in 2012.
Ben Norris was the winner of Big Brother in 2012. Paul Broben +61 (0)418757727

PROMINENT Gladstone media personality and 2012 Big Brother winner Benjamin Norris is among millions of Australians celebrating today's win for gay marriage.

Today's result may have returned an overwhelming Yes response but the verdict was much tighter in the electorate of Flynn.

Of the eligible Australians who voted, 61.6 per cent supported changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry and 38.4 per cent did not.

However, it was a much closer outcome in the Flynn electorate with 51.5 per cent of people voting Yes and 48.5 per cent voting No.

Flynn covers more than 133,000sq with 39,020 people voting Yes and 36,783 voting No.

All states and territories recorded a majority Yes response.

Mr Norris spoke with The Observer only minutes after the Yes verdict came down at 9am (Qld time) this morning.

Ben Norris leads the panel on Friday's equality debate at CQU Photo Trinette Stevens / Morning Bulletin
Ben Norris leads the panel on Friday's equality debate at CQU Photo Trinette Stevens / Morning Bulletin Trinette Stevens

"I didn't think I'd be emotional to be honest. I didn't think the result would be into its 60s (61.6 per cent)," Mr Norris said.

"It's been a prevailing numbness and sleepless nights for the last two nights trying to work out as to whether or not Australia was going to say that I'm OK.

"This is about acceptance and acceptance of me and my relationship. I've been with (partner) Ben (Williams) now for eight years and been engaged now for five years with public interest over when we're getting married because I managed to have some sort of notoriety from being on Big Brother.

"But at the end of the day we're just two people who have been in a relationship just like anybody else and we should have the right just like any other Australian to get married.

"I'm sure now that it's been approved I'm going to be bombarded - while I'm talking to you my phone is in meltdown - I've just received 116 messages in the last 15 minutes."

Mr Norris says No voters shouldn't hold concerns regarding the verdict.

"The reality for those people is it means nothing to them but it means something and everything to us," he said.

"For those who voted No they're going to get up tomorrow morning and it's just not going to affect them at all.

"They need to understand we were the last English-speaking country in the world to support marriage equality.

"At the end of the day it's a civil right everyone should have and that's all that's happened - the changing of that civil right."

A total of 12,727,920 million people participated in the voluntary survey - representing 79.5 per cent of the more than 16 million eligible Australians.

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