Campaigning from both sides

CAMPAIGN fever is in the air with the seat of Flynn hotly discussing infrastructure funding at Federal level.

Sitting Member for Flynn and Australian Labor Party member Chris Trevor and Liberal National Party-endorsed candidate Ken O’Dowd have fired up the cylinders on debate over whether the new Minerals Resource Rent Tax funds earmarked for regional infrastructure will in fact make it to Gladstone.

The debate follows a press release issued by Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese this week saying National’s Senator Warren Truss has confirmed the Nationals would deny regional communities an extra $6 billion in infrastructure funding, exposing as a shameful con their pledge to make sure “regional Australia receives its fair share”.

Mr Truss said however, the Nationals continue to side with Tony Abbott’s Liberals and billionaires like Clive Palmer in opposing this reform.

Mr O’Dowd neither confirmed nor denied the claim the LNP would deny regional communities extra infrastructure to deal with massive industry developments.

“The details are very, very hazy but Labor will only be able to find $6 billion for infrastructure spending over the next decade by ripping more than $100 billion out of regional Australia over the same period through its giant new mining tax,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“There is probably no place around Australia that will be harder hit by the mining tax than Gladstone. Everybody agrees that jobs and investment will suffer in Gladstone. Yet, at this stage, not a single dollar from this so-called Infrastructure Fund will flow back to Gladstone.

“Any money that might come to Queensland will be controlled by the Queensland Premier and she will want to spend it in the South-East corner.”

“The LNP talk about infrastructure but have no plan or policy to deliver it,” Mr Trevor said.

“They are all talk and no action.

“The Gillard Labor government, on the other hand, has a plan for the future needs of Gladstone when it comes to vital infrastructure necessary to deal with the massive development which will shortly arrive on our doorstep.”

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