Call for court cases to be broadcast live

COURT cases in Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast could be broadcast live if a parliamentary committee's recommendations are accepted.

The Legal Affairs committee, which Ipswich MP Ian Berry chairs, has proposed cases be televised or live streamed through in-court cameras.

Mr Berry, a lawyer before entering politics, said the proposal would bring court to the people, who were often in the dark about legal proceedings.

"Courts are supported to be open, but times have changed. People don't go to public galleries," he said."People now expect it to be on some kind of device.

"I've found at a grass roots level, and even higher than that in fact, not everyone understands how our courts work."

Mr Berry said while juries and witness identities would need to be protected, broadcasting the court would build a more open system.

He said bigger courts including Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast could be used as trial sites.

The Queensland Law Society was not able to comment on the proposal yesterday.

Mr Berry said rather than placing television cameras inside courtrooms be believed an online live stream, similar to how parliament is broadcast, could be considered.

"I think we're mature enough now and the judge will have so much control over the case I don't believe there will be issues," he said.

"This happens in other western countries. I can't see why we can't do it here too."

The committee made 40 recommendations to decrease criminal activity in Queensland.


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