YOUR THOUGHTS: Philip St precinct back on funding agenda

THE Philip St Communities Precinct is back on the council agenda, and some people aren't happy about it.

Gladstone Regional Council this week agreed to apply to the Federal Government's National Stronger Regions Fund to try to finally get the project off the ground.

Our online commenters had their say when The Observer published an article stating that the council would have yet another crack at funding for the precinct.

Here's what our online commenters had to say about it:

FairgoMate - Gladstone: What does Karen Porter think of the Philip St project? How much was wasted on advertising Philip St for sale? Only about $35,000? More debt to ratepayers.

kerryjoy - New Auckland: Can't the Mayor get this out of her mind? While she throws this thing around her mind, she will not let it go! In the end, like the expensive airport extensions, it will end up with its hands in the pockets of the ratepayers even if in a round-about way. Be wary.

LoveHappyRock - Barney Point: Congrats to our proactive council for taking the burden off local ratepayers! Gail Sellers is driving the right ideas by getting money out of the Feds for our infrastructure and encouraging private investors to do the heavy lifting. Well done!

sweetlip - Barney Point: The council failed to find a buyer. The council now think they are more astute at investing than the professionals. This council mistakes delusion for vision.

eyespy6 - Gladstone: The spin...Up to seven hubs offering an array of community services. The reality.. We can't afford it and existing locations for council services are just fine. The spin...Open-air amphitheatre, playgrounds, public amenities and walking trails. The reality... We have an amphitheatre at the marina which is totally under-utilised. No need for playgrounds in this location adjacent to one of the busiest arterial roads in Gladstone. Ditto any walking trails on billy goat land. So all a crock. The spin... Mixed-density residential allotments. The reality... thousands of vacant houses and Seller's council wants to do this???? The spin... Retirement village. The reality... there is already ample capacity within existing facilities and this is completely in the wrong location. Proximity to shopping centre is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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