Bavarian Helles pale lager and Euleilah Ale from Baffle Beer Brewery.
Bavarian Helles pale lager and Euleilah Ale from Baffle Beer Brewery. Baffle Beer Brewery

Beer from Gladstone's new brewery passes taste test

HOW good is the beer from Gladstone's one and only brewery?

We got a few experts together (who knows more about beer than journalists and barmen?) to try it out.

The new Baffle Beer Brewery has been opened by German couple Bert and Bea Kangler.

It has taken a year and $350,000 for them to assemble their brewery and produce the first batch of Baffle Beer.

Brewmaster Mr Kangler has 23 years experience in Bavaria. 

Here are the verdicts on their first brew:

Observer editor Rowan Hunnam:

IT WOULD be an understatement to say I am choosy when it comes to my drinks. 

Beer? I really only touch one. That's a pale ale - Little Creatures. So I was never going to be easy to please.

But I was more than happy to give this locally brewed drop of amber ale a go. 

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It was dark when I drank mine, so I can't comment on appearance like the experts (and I wouldn't have known what I was talking about anyway).

The taste did take me by surprise. There was a lot more flavour there than I anticipated.

At the first and second sips, I was looking for something else to drink.

But at the end of the bottle, I thought: this review would be a lot more comprehensive if I had a second...

Adam Robinson, Dicey's bartender

YOU know when you're drinking a craft beer and this is very crafty.

I can see it has been brewed well. There are no fibres or anything floating around in it and it has a nice dark colour.

Dicey's bartender Adam Robinson.
Dicey's bartender Adam Robinson.

It's good for head. I haven't tried to get a head on that, but it has a nice amount.

I am warming to it. The first taste was a bit strong, but it's getting better.

I usually drink Pure Blonde and Great Northern, but compared to other amber ales this is a good one.

Working in a bar you get to try a lot of beers and I would suggest craft beer lovers to give this a go.

I usually only drink full-strength beer so being at 0.9 standard drinks this is borderline, but Great Northern is only 1.1 so there isn't too much difference.

It's not that smooth or crisp like the beers I usually drink. It's definitely a six-pack kind of beer, not a carton.

Campbell Gellie, Observer reporter

THERE is nothing better in my view than ale.

The Euleilah Ale has a strong flavour with the first sip but the flavours get better as you keep going.

As ale it has a lot of bubbles and a rich golden colour.

The flavour is similar to James Squires' One Fifty Lashes, but a little richer. 

Observer reporter Campbell Gellie.
Observer reporter Campbell Gellie.

The care taken in the brewing stages is obvious because I could see no floaties, which can happen with a rich beer.

I do prefer a bit more kick with the alcohol content, 0.9 standards drinks per 330ml is a little low but it's not that big a deal that I wouldn't buy it.

On a hot day playing beach cricket, you would need to drink the beer quickly because it begins to get a little too tasty as it warms up.

But that wouldn't be a problem because I never spend long enough with the bat in hand for it to get too warm.

Simon Irwin, sales and operations director

FIRST, a confession. I am not a great fan of lower alcohol beer.

That said, the Euleilah Ale from Baffle Beer brewery is a pleasant enough drop.

Made from the very traditional ingredients, malt, hops, yeast and water, the beer is slightly cloudy in the glass and light reddish brown in colour.

Simon Irwin is Australian Regional Media director of sales and operations.
Simon Irwin is Australian Regional Media director of sales and operations.

It is not overpowering on the nose either, but has a refreshing if delicate balance.

At 3.5% alcohol content, it is firmly in the mid-strength category, and it does suffer from a common trait of that breed in that it tastes quite nice when first sipped, but doesn't deliver much lingering flavour on the back palate.

Well worth a try while the warmer weather is with us.

Go the locals - craft beer is a sign of civilisation after all.

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