Jody Williams from Rotaract Club, preparing for Oktoberfest.
Jody Williams from Rotaract Club, preparing for Oktoberfest. MK CREATIVE STUDIOS

Oktoberfest in Gladstone

IT'S one of the most popular beer drinking festivals in the world and this weekend, Gladstone residents will be able to take part in the funtastic atmosphere the Oktoberfest has to offer.

From having a generally good time with friends while sampling tasteful brews from all over the world, to testing the taste buds with a German sausage, the Gladstone Oktoberfest is shaping up to be a winner for all.

And those to benefit the most will be local charities.

Hosted by the Rotaract Club of Gladstone, club vice-president Jody Williams said all profits from this year's fest will go to local charities and building shelter boxes, which is a major project of parent organisation, Rotary.

This is the third year Rotaract has hosted the Gladstone Oktoberfest.

“A long time ago, they (Rotaract) use to do a beer festival around Easter time,” Ms Williams said.

“We decided to resurrect an old tradition, which appeals to our age group.”

Gates open at 3pm, with the festival only open to adults and photo identification will be required at the gate.

“We'll have a full range of international beers,” Ms Williams said.

She said there will be a total of 15 beers on offer, including some Australian beers.

“We will have lots of stuff for the non-beer drinkers too,” Ms Williams said.

Green Peppers Cafe will be running a canteen, while German sausages will be available to soak up some of the beer.

Ms Williams said Rotaract understood the dilemma some Oktoberfest fans might be having, picking between the festival and the AFL Grand Final replay, so the committee was working on getting televisions set up at the festival to show the game.

Tickets are available from the Gladstone Entertainment Centre.

Oktoberfest is a 16 to 18-day festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October.

It is one of the most famous events in Germany and the world's largest fair, with some six million people attending every year.

The original Oktoberfest was in Munich, on October 12, 1810, as part of celebrations of Prince Ludwig's marriage and originally about a horse race.

In 1881, booths selling bratwursts opened. Beer was first served in glass mugs in 1892.

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