Mike Richards with a 107cm barramundi.
Mike Richards with a 107cm barramundi.

Fishing with... Secret beer batter recipe a winner

THIS week we go fishing with Mick Richards, who has just caught a barramundi in the Calliope River.

Name: Mick Richards.

Age: 42.

What have you got there? That's a barramundi. I caught it in the Calliope River just near the hot water outlet.

It was 107cm and my mate Murray Bale caught one that was 96cm.

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We were chasing barramundi; we do it a couple of times a week. We went and got some live mullet with the cast net but this one was caught on soft plastics.

How did you eat it? Beautiful big fillets, a little bit of flour, salt and pepper and in the pan with butter.

I gave mum and dad a bit because there was just that much. I would've got 8kg of fresh fillets.

I do a good beer batter. I'm not going to tell you what is in mine because it's a secret passed down from my dad, but there is beer in it.

I use whatever I've got in the fridge except XXXX gold because I can't stand it.

Which fish do you prefer to catch? Barramundi, just because they way they fight. They're a well-known fish around Australia.

When you get one it is good. Murray would nearly get one every week.

Catching a barra jumping out of the water is pretty special, especially when they are over a metre.

Tips on catching one? Finding where they are is the biggest tip and fresh bait.

Use a cast net in the Calliope and get some mullet, that's what they seem to like.

What's the best fish you have caught? Probably a 25kg Spaniard, Spanish mackerel off Mackay.


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