FORMER Queensland Premier Peter Beattie admits it will be the biggest fight of his political career to win the Federal seat of Forde.

The man who once said he would never enter politics again stood beside Prime Minister Kevin Rudd launching his campaign to enter federal politics on Thursday.

But approval did not come easy from Mr Beattie's wife, who once said after his retirement from Queensland politics that another career would put Mr Beattie in a pine box.

"I said to the Prime Minister I need approval for this," Mr Beattie said.

Mr Beattie said there needed to be balance in politics to keep "the bastards accountable".

The new found partnership is a stark contrast to earlier tensions between Mr Rudd and Mr Beattie.

Mr Beattie has on numerous occasions critcised Mr Rudd's leadership, including recommending he should step down with dignity and claiming he would never get the numbers to be the Prime Minister again.

Mr Beattie conceded he was glad Mr Rudd did not heed his advice.

Abbott says Rudd should be worried about Beattie threat

"This is about ensuring Queensland gets a fair go," he said in Beenleigh on Thursday.

"And I don't think I know anyone...believes it would have been a good outcome to have the Labor party thrashed at this election.

"I am absolutely delighted that he didn't accept my advice, he often doesn't..."

For Mr Rudd, it was "water off a duck's back".

"Occasionally we have had the odd stoush in the past and that is ok," he said.

"For me its water off a duck's back, it doesn't really matter."

A pre-selected candidate already in the works for the seat of Forde, Des Hardman, was pushed aside to make way for Mr Beattie.

Mr Rudd paid tribute to Mr Hardman but said it would be up to the party whether he would be in line for future state seats.

The seat of Forde is held on a 1.6% margin by current LNP member Bert Van Manen.



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