Change may be afoot but be positive about Gladstone

PLEASE, please, if you see me in the street, on a plane, in the gym, on a bike, on the road running or anywhere, could we have a positive conversation about the state of Gladstone, instead of the standard negative conversation about the terribly crippling and hopelessly devastating bust that we are currently experiencing?

Sorry, I know that sounds direct, but being positive, and as someone who usually manages to look on the bright side of life, it is really starting to get me down.

Firstly, we all know that the Gladstone industrial landscape is changing, with the major construction phase of the gas plants starting to wind down.

This time next year, the plants will all be operational, and Gladstone will be back to the sleepy town that it was before construction came to town (so long ago now that we can't remember back that far).

Yes, there will be negatives, and I have heard them all but what about some of the positives.

Everyone has been complaining about high house prices and rents in town for so long.

They are falling (as a property investor, this has been a major shift), and property is more affordable for both investors and our youth.

Operational jobs, as opposed to construction jobs, also provide long-term prospects for locals (and our youth), not workers that are here for the short term.

Less traffic on the roads is a positive, including the reduced numbers of buses has to be positive.

More than ever we are now seeing major investment in our town from industry.

I expect this to continue through into the operations phase.

The infrastructure that is being developed in Gladstone is significant, including shopping precincts and major restaurant chains.

All in all, Gladstone is moving forward in the right direction, and this time next year we won't even remember this time, or we will laugh about it.

So, why not laugh, and be positive about now?

Anton Guinea is business manager at The Guinea Group, which supports businesses by providing staff to fill positions. Visit

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