Barra are wild once in river

AFTER recent heavy rain some Queensland dams, including Awoonga Dam, are overflowing, causing stocked barramundi to spill over into the waterways below.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district officer Steve Platt said although stocked barramundi could still be targeted in some dams during the closed season, the fish were off limits once they had moved into river systems.

“Once over the dam wall, these fish become ‘wild’ so fishers are reminded they must adhere to the current barramundi closure which is in place until midday on February 1,” he said.

“The closure is in place to protect barramundi stocks at a vulnerable time in their life cycle.

“As barramundi gather at specific times to spawn it makes them more vulnerable to fishing. During spawning millions of barramundi eggs will be laid, but only a few will survive.”

Mr Platt said deliberately targeting barramundi for catch and release was prohibited during the closures, as the stress of capture could prevent a fish from spawning.

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