Banana Shire Council.
Banana Shire Council.

Banana Shire Council 2020/21 budget: Rates increase revealed

BANANA Shire Council has handed down its budget for the 2020/21 financial year with a 5.3 per cent rates increase.

It is also predicted the new budget will result in council’s operating position being brought back into balance within the next two budgets.

Mayor Nev Ferrier presented the budget on Thursday, June 25.

The budget aims to deliver a record capital works program of $28,000,000 – of this $11,500,000 is from external sources.

Council will deliver a net result of $8,943,039 for the year after accounting for operations and capital income.

A relative stable cash position is anticipated over the next financial year with council cash holdings remaining between $25,000,000 and $30,000,000.

Debt is expected to reduce to $4,900,000 at the end of the 2020/21 financial year.

Council has maintained staff numbers and service levels throughout the last few months and anticipates this will continue over the next financial year.

The financial impacts of coronavirus are expected to be felt later this year.

A rating strategy has been adopted to minimise rate increase to businesses impacted by the coronavirus and drought.

The report states the vast majority of ratepayers in these categories will not see a rate increase this financial year.

There will be some rural ratepayers who see a marginal increase due to large increases in property valuations in rural properties across the shire.

Council has limited potential increases as a result of fluctuations in property values to less than 1 per cent rates paid last year.

Council has commenced a review of its rating strategy this year seeking to recover more of the cost burden that large industrial and resource-based ratepayers cost council in terms of maintaining its assets such as the road network.

Council plans to work with these ratepayers over the next financial year to develop a strategy that properly reflects the cost of infrastructure to support their operations to make sure that they make a reasonable contribution to the cost of servicing respective communities.

As a result of this recovery strategy the overall increase in rates based on the above strategies for the 2020/21 financial year is 5.3 per cent.

“Council acknowledges the ongoing support of the state and federal governments in funding much of council’s capital budget, many of these projects would not be feasible without this support,” Cr Ferrier said.

“I would like to recognise the efforts of council’s finance staff in assisting with the preparation of this budget and commend this budget to you.”


  • $415,000 on aerodromes
  • $325,000 on bikeways and footpaths
  • $1,215,200 on bridge upgrades and replacements
  • $11,870,968 on roads and drainage
  • $1,516,000 on waste transfer stations and landfills
  • $2,643,000 on sewerage assets
  • $3,663,673 on water assets
  • $2,934,000 on plant replacements
  • $3,117,000 on building and facility upgrades
  • $460,000 on community infrastructure
  • $407,000 on information technology

Total: $28,566,841


1. Extension to the Biloela Community Resource Centre

2. Replacement of Taroom Sewerage Treatment Plant

3. Moura Water Clarifier Refurbishment

4. Replacement of the Gogango Creek Bridge (Wowan Westwood Rd), Kariboe Creek Bridge (Aerodrome Rd) and Tualka Creek Bridge (Ghinghinda Rd)

5. Gravel reseal of Taroom Aerodrome runway

6. Taroom Swimming Pool Amenities Block

7. Theodore Moura Road upgrades

8. Completion of stage three of the Biloela Industrial Estate

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