Banana council hits out

BANANA Shire Council has hit out at the State Government over preferential treatment for big developments in the region.

Comments were made by council staff and councillors during yesterday’s monthly meeting.

Council’s submissions for the Surat to Gladstone LNG pipeline project, ZeroGen coal gasification power plant and the Queensland Curtis LNG project were tabled at the meeting.

Cr Vaughn Becker said there had been some kerfuffle between council and Surat to Gladstone Pty Ltd.

A council report stated its original submission was not well received by the proponent, as the proponent felt aspects of the content were contradictory to discussions and actions that were carried out, but undocumented.

Councillors said the level of LNG pipelines and level of development should be contained to one infrastructure corridor, rather than affecting several landowners as proposed.

Development and Environmental Services director Matthew Glover said the Queensland Curtis LNG project’s SEIS went against the Queensland Government’s discussion paper on sustainable development of land resources, including managing competing land uses to ensure balanced outcomes.

“These guys have got too much influence at state level,” he said.

Cr Maureen Clancy said when industry was trying to do something, the State Government did not have any issues, but it was different for farmers.

Concerns over the corporations twisting legislation to suit their needs were raised, particularly in relation to acquiring land.

Council hit out at a meeting to discuss the state-owned ZeroGen project that occurred a day before submissions were due.

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