Bail for mum accused of hammer attack cover up

A MUM accused of helping cover up a hammer attack that penetrated a man's skull will be released from custody to return to her two children in Gympie.

Steevie-Lee O'Toole, 29, allegedly told police she saw the man getting hit with the hammer but when she later returned home, the man was gone and there was no blood.

Glen Reginald Francis and Roslyn Lee Ann Marsh are charged with attempted murder over the attack on June 8 last year.

Terry Maxwell McEwan and Ms O'Toole are charged with accessory after the fact.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard presumptive tests for blood on towels Ms O'Toole put into a washing machine showed wipe marks consistent with cleaning up blood from the floor.

Justice David Boddice said Ms O'Toole denied knowing the circumstances of the incident or that the towels had blood on them.

"The accessory relates to an allegation (O'Toole) was involved in transporting one of the offenders from the property and also involved in placing the towels, which may have contained blood, in the washing machine," he said.

Justice Boddice said the police alleged Mr McEwan and Mr Francis met with the alleged victim over "an intended cook for methylamphetamine".

He said Mr Francis allegedly became aggressive toward the man, striking him a number of times on the knee, shoulder and head with a hammer.

"The blows to head are said to have penetrated the complainant's skull and he lost consciousness," he said.

"It's alleged that when the complainant awoke he was in a pool of blood."

Lawyer Alastair McDougall told the court his client's grandparents could put up a $300,000 surety and her former partner could offer her a place to live.

He said Ms O'Toole's former partner was looking after their 10-year-old daughter and her six-month-old son, who was not his biological child, while she was in custody for the past 57 days.

Justice Boddice said he believed the risk of fleeing or failing to appear in court could be minimised with strict bail conditions.

He set a bail surety at $100,000, set a curfew from 9pm to 5am and ordered Ms O'Toole report to Gympie police daily.


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