Family pulls together as tonsils come out

YESTERDAY was a tough day.

It had nothing to do with the extreme heat or the fact that the air-conditioner in the studio works the same amount of time each week as people from Townsville have a shower.

It was all about my little girl who was in hospital having her tonsils out.

She lives in Mackay and when you think of it is quite lucky to be able to have this operation in the same city that she stays in.

Not like here where you've got to travel to Rocky or Bundaberg to have it.

My daughter is 10 and was quite concerned leading up to Sunday night because she didn't know what to expect.

I remember when I had mine out back in the 70s and I was quite genuinely scared.

Sure I was scared for what was about to happen, but I was also a little frightened being in that big place where everyone wore white, they never smiled and you ate ice-cream all day.

Things in some ways haven't changed, although everyone at the Gladstone hospital is always smiling (brilliant people, every one of them)

The thing that broke my heart yesterday was a message from the ex-wife to let me know how things were before and after the surgery and what I got made me cry.

I was told that my daughter was a little scared on Sunday night but showed no tears.

My son, who is 13, did shed a few tears for his sister as he was worried for his little mate.

He did explain what would happen in all manner of detail to give her peace of mind, but all in all it was that measure of comfort and reassurance that would have eased her worried little mind.

I got a message just after lunch that the surgery was a success and a stay of a few hours was necessary before being allowed to go home.

My heart sank when I heard the news, but all in a great way.

When your little girl or child has something as major as that you just hope and pray everything goes to plan and it has.

My plan is to get up there in the next couple of weeks to see how she's doing.

Face-time and phone calls just don't cut that stuff.

I need to invent a machine like Dr Who. Can anyone help?

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