A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Q&A guest Duncan Storrar has raised more than $57,000 but as always fame and fortune have come at a price. 

The disabled father of three became the stand-out star of Monday night's ABC Q&A program when he questioned Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer about the fairness of raising the tax-free threshold from $80,000 to $87,000.

 "If you lift my tax-free threshold, that changes my life," Mr Storrar said.

"That means that I get to say to my little girls, 'Daddy's not broke this weekend. We can go to the pictures'.

"Rich people don't even notice their tax-free threshold lift. Why don't I get it? Why do they get it?"

Since then Mr Storrar has become either a national hero, or villain, with his story dividing both political opinion and the Twittersphere. 


Yesterday The Australian newspaper ran a front page story attacking Mr Storrar by pointing out he was the recipient of an Austudy benefit and paid no net tax. 

Today the paper has published a follow-up story featuring Mr Storrar's son and claims he got him addicted to drugs. 

"He doesn't deserve it," Mr Storrar's so Aztec Major told The Australian.

"He's used drugs. He's not the person he's making himself out to be.


Mr Major told The Australian he moved in with his father when he was 17 ­because "I guess I wanted to get to know him but it was while I was living with him, he was using drugs, and I got addicted with him and that was the start of my downward ­spiral".

He said it took all his courage to break free of his father "and I've been clean since November 2014".

However The Australian's efforts have also drawn ire of their own - with several commentators criticising the way Mr Storrar's past has been used against him. 



In the alternative there are a great number of others who feel he is not person deserving of sympathy.  

"He's paying no tax," 2UE Radio host Garry Linnell said yesterday.

"He's sucking on the public teet and he has been for years, so what's he complaining about?"


The ATO has been reported as saying because the GoFundMe campaign is a one-off gift Mr Storrar will not have to pay any tax on the money. 

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