Number of Australians donating their organs is on the rise

AUSSIES are donating more organs than ever before, with new figures showing a 58% rise in organ donation rates since 2009.

The figures, from the Organ and Tissue Authority and Australian and New Zealand Organ Donation Registry, were released on Wednesday.

It showed the 58% rise between 2009 and 2013, with a corresponding rise of 39% of actual transplant recipients since 2009, a fact welcomed by Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash.

Senator Nash said in 2013, 1,122 Australians got a "second chance at life" from the generosity of 391 organ donors and their families.

"The families of organ and tissue donors are to be thanked and commended for upholding the decision of their loved one and giving others the gift of life," she said.

The rise in donations has come since the 2009 creation of the DonateLife Network, which was established by the previous government to increase donation rates.

"To put the growth in context historically, between 2000 and 2008, we saw an average of 200 donors annually. In 2013, there were 391 organ donors," Sen Nash said.

Sen Nash said about 1% of people died in hospital in conditions where organ donations were possible, and families had an essential role to play.

"It is up to families to ultimately give final confirmation for organ and tissue donation to proceed," she said.

"By speaking with your family today, and letting them know your donation decision, you could help save the lives of up to ten people in the future."

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