Aussie comedian takes aim at ridiculous US gun laws

MEET Jim Jefferies, the Australian comedian who perfectly dismantled the arguments for relaxed gun ownership laws in the US.

While his original routine was first performed in 2013, it has recently resurfaced and its enduring popularity has seen it become the most read article on Vox in the past week.


He starts the segment (video below), filmed in Boston, by comparing the different attitudes towards gun control in the US and Australia:

Now, please understand that I understand that Australia and America are two vastly different cultures with different people.

I get it.

In Australia we had [Port Arthur] the biggest massacre on Earth and the Australian government went 'that's it, no more guns'. And we all went, 'yeah, alright then, that seems fair enough really'.

Now, in America you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where tiny little children died, and your government went 'maybe… we'll get rid of the big guns'.

And 50 per cent of you went F*** YOU, DON'T TAKE MY GUNS!'

Jefferies continues by demolishing the popular argument that guns are used mainly as a defence mechanism:

You have guns because you like guns.

That's why you go to gun conventions, that's why you read gun magazines.

None of you give a s--- about home security.

None of you go to home security conventions, none of you read 'Padlock Monthly'.

More than 3,000 people - including 642 children - have been killed in gun violence in the first three months of 2015 in the US and it is estimated that more people will die in shootings than in traffic accidents this year.

Nevertheless, the pro-gun lobby and the National Rifle Association (NRA) remain highly influential.

While many argue that the US Constitution and its Second Amendment are sacred and immovable, Jefferies points out how absurd it would be if prohibition and slavery - both entrenched in US law in the past - were still in place.

You can watch the gun law segment below (warning: very strong language) and watch his full show on Netflix.


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