Times Gone By: Old Landmarks removed from foreshore

August 6

1937: Old Landmarks removed - Recent activities along the foreshore at Auckland Creek have resulted in the disappearance of two old landmarks.

Friend's jetty, opposite Friends' Bond has disappeared.

When taken up, some of the old piles were still in an excellent state of preservation, in spite of their 50-odd years in the creek bed.

Mr Hodge's buildings, which are in the process of being dismantled, are also connected with the early history of the town.

As salt-water tidal swimming baths, they were once the rendezvous of local sportsmen, and many veterans of the area learned their first strokes at these baths.

Prior to their erection, there was a floating baths for swimmers farther up the creek, but these were not a success.

A small sweet shop was operated in conjunction with the baths, stocking tobacco and picnic supplies for the boating parties who used to dot the harbour with their white sails on Sundays and holidays, before the putt-putt of an engine was a familiar sound along the water.

These premises were occupied at various times by Mr Thomas, Mr T. Welby, Mr Henry Bowden and Mr Geo Phillips, finally being taken over by Mr Hodge in 1909.

Opposite these premises once stood the old "Advocate" office and other business firms, for in those days Auckland Creek was the centre of the town.

Homes no longer under threat

Homes no longer under threat

Housing no longer under threat

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