Attenborough's interactive website shows threats to GBR

DAVID Attenborough's interactive website about the Great Barrier Reef has been launched, showing videos, photos and information gathered when he travelled to different locations including Heron Island in 2013.

The site shares information about five different islands, including Heron and Lady Elliott.

Heron Island is described as 'the future', with the work of University of Queensland researchers showcased on the website.

Heron Island Research Station diver Ben Potts said it was an amazing place to work, due to the thousands of species of different wildlife on land and in the reef.

"Every dive you go on you find something new might be a  new bommie, somewhere that little critters are lviign in that you haven't seen before," Mr Potts said.


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University of Queensland professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg gives a tour through the island's research station on the website.

He shows how their work displays the importance of taking a strong stance against climate change.

Researchers have built reefs inside tanks and exposed them to different conditions including higher sea temperatures. 

The website is part of the three part series documentary filmed by BBC featuring Sir David Attenborough.

It is rumoured to be his last documentary and will be screened in Australia this year.

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