Work under way on missing link


THE missing road link on Palm Drive may be bridged as early as July or August this year after seven years of planning.

A section of mangrove had delayed the construction of a 12 metre span arch bridge by the Gladstone City Council because of environmental concerns raised by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

This week a Super Reach Excavator was clearing rubble and mud in preparation of piles being driven into the mudflat for the construction of the bridge.

Completion of the project will enable traffic entering from Blain Drive to access the commercial/industrial area around Hanson Drive without taking a route through Dawson Road.

"Funding of $1.1 million was approved in this financial year to carry out the project,'' said the council's technical adviser Ross Paroz.

He said the council carried out preliminary re-alignment of the creek to meet the department's environmental concerns.

The re-alignment was to minimise destruction of mangroves and disturbance of the mudflat.

The council had closed off Mylne Street at the Palm Drive intersection to prevent vehicles, particularly heavy traffic, using Mylne Street to access Rossella Street and Hanson Road.

"Mylne Street had become something of a speedway, so council decided to block it off.''

The bridge will allow for the removal of the barriers at Mylne Street.

He said tenders for the piledriving were expected to be completed in about a week. The bridge will be similar to the Briffney Creek bridge near Penda Avenue.

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