Woman relives medical horror

A GLADSTONE woman has relived a horrific experience at the hands of the medical profession after a front page story The Observer ran last week.

Leonie Kenny has spoken out for the first time about her ordeal after experiencing complications during the birth of her child which she eventually lost.

'I was five months pregnant with my son in 2003, when complications set in,' she said.

'I was diagnosed with placenta previa and my waters broke.

'Gladstone Hospital arranged for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to transport me to the Royal Brisbane Hospital (RBH).

'Having a rare blood type (A-) I had to be 10 minutes from a hospital that could arrange a supply of blood should complications set in around my pregnancy.

'Gladstone was unable to cope with that situation and had arranged my transport down with a supply of blood should I haemorrhage whilst in flight.'

The first indication of trouble was boarding the flight without a supply of blood.

'We watched the blood arrive by taxi at Gladstone Airport as we were taking off,' she said.

Ms Kenny arrived safely at the RBH but her problems had only just started.

A disastrous sequence of events led to the death of her child and an emergency hysterectomy.

Ms Kenny said she would never forget the experience of waking up after the surgery to find her dead baby son lying beside her in a cot.

'I was distraught,'' she said.

'I never fully expected to lose my child.'

But her troubles didn't stop there.

Several days after her surgery, Ms Kenny said she was discharged by the RBH.

'The hospital did not consult me about the travel arrangements or allow me to contact my family to organise alternative arrangements,' Ms Kenny said.

'As it was I had to carry my luggage out of the hospital and into the train station, and on board the train.

'The hospital did not have anyone to help me get to the train.'

Ms Kenny was also scathing in her appraisal of post-operative care offered by both the hospitals.

'It was non-existent,'' she said.

'Neither hospital would schedule post-operative care visits for me.

'I was told that as I was a public patient I should be grateful for the level of care I received and the fact I was alive.'

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