Visitor voices concerns at coast development


THE citizens of Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 are having grave concerns about losing their little piece of paradise. The issue of development was a heavly debated topic at a recent council meeting.

Several submissions put forward to the council was refused, but development of the area was not completely put on the back burner.

Long time visitor to the area, Tony McGruther, spoke passionately of his concern about which direction the council might take with development in the region.

'I am not against development for the area, but concerned about what type of development may be built,' Mr McGruther said.

The area that raised great concern was the Jeffery Court area.

The proposal was for a 30 multiple dwelling, three storey over a semi-basement plus additional roof level that will have a plant room,raised swimming pool and pergola structures.

This proposal was refused by council due to the application meeting certain guidelines.

However, the council realise with the popularity of the re-gion increasing development is going to have to go ahead. Council annual reports show a marked interest of development in the region.

Miriam Vale Mayor Tom Jeffery said the town centre will change a lot, but with a balanced development.

'We are trying to find a balance as some areas will be high density and other areas will have reserves of normal housing,' Mr Jeffery said . Another matter raised was whether Agnes Water and 1770 was going to be turned into another Noosa or Mooloolaba. Mr McGruther did not want to see the uniqueness of Agnes Water and 1770 be lost.

'If certain development goes ahead it will set a precedent for other styles of development that might not suit the area,' Mr McGruther said.

Mayor Jeffery said the council was trying its best to try and meet the various demands being placed upon the region.

'We want to give people a wide cross section of choices,' Mr Jeffery said.

Mr McGruther was also very thankful for the opportunity to be able to address the council with his issues.

'I compliment the council for allowing public access to that level of government,' Mr McGruther said.

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