Ute driver nearly hits cyclists

A GLADSTONE motorist whose ute came within "inches'' of cyclists pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Ian William Carruthers was driving his white Ford utility on Alf O'Rourke Drive about 6am on November 15 last year, when he began beeping and revving excessively at a group of cyclists, missing two female riders by only inches as he drove past them.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Graham Seabrook said Carruthers then swerved towards the main group of cyclists, missing them by "between three and five inches''.

He said when questioned about his behaviour towards the riders, Carruthers said they were riding two abreast and he could not overtake as the road was marked with double white lines.

Sgt Seabroook said Carruthers was informed by police that it was legal for cyclists to ride two abreast, and he should have waited to overtake them.

Defence lawyer Stacey O'Gorman said Carruthers believed there was enough room when he overtook the cyclists.

Magistrate Joan White said the offence was at 'the more serious end' of the scale and cyclists were in a 'precarious position' riding on roads.

She urged Carruthers to take more care in future.

'Impatience can get you into a lot of trouble,' she said.

She fined him $300 for the offence.

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