Unique Christmas trees unite Gladstone region

LITTLE is as exciting as a Christmas tree fully decked out, and at St Saviour's Church the 30 trees decorating the church are a sight to be seen.

Fay Owens has had a dream to unite Gladstone's different community groups at Christmas time with displays of Christmas trees.

This year the dream was fulfilled and numerous organisations each contributed a beautifully decorated tree to place in Auckland Street's St Saviour's Church amidst the softly flashing lights, twinkling tinsel and dangling baubels.

There was so much to take in, but the detail and effort made each tree special.

Staff who had put together one tree, each wrote a word that was special to them and decorated the tree with them.

A school had submitted a slightly different display, still in the spirit of Christmas, in which a cross was draped with shimmering material and many little silver and gold hands.

One of Fay's favourites had to be the most unusual ? the fireman's tree.

A small tree pokes out of standard fireman issue yellow pants, a fire extinguisher in its branching arms and a hat on top.

'Although it's different, it's suitable,' Fay said.

'The work they do is very spiritual and they go to places where they see a lot of sadness.'

The tree display will stay up until Monday and can be seen between 10am and 8pm at St Saviour's Church.

When the display finishes the trees will go to families in the area.

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