TV ads blamed for children's obesity


TELEVISION advertising has been blamed for childhood obesity, according to health professionals.

The Australian Broadcasting Authority will review television advertisements and the times they are appearing on television to help reduce childhood obesity.

Gladstone mother Jazmine Baird said the ads didn't tend to worry her son Brodie too much.

'He will get excited about an ad if it appeals and excites him, but usually it doesn't worry him much at all,' she said.

'If he asks and whinges about it, I simply tell him 'no'.'

Jazmine said she didn't care how much he cried over the matter, because he soon learnt what she meant when she said no.

Jazmine said she didn't see how the ads were a problem.

'It's up to the parent to say no and make them understand why they said no,'' she said.

'It's really not hard to say no.'

Mother of two Sue Dowley said it wasn't junk food ads that were the problem ? it was the toys that were advertised during the kids' programs.

"Everytime they see a new toy ad, they want it, no matter the cost,'' she said.

'They both understand they can not have everything but they still ask.'

Sue said the advertising had targeted the kids so they would pester the adults.

'Now that my children are older they don't bombard me as much, but they still want everything on television,'' she said.

'They understand they can't have everything, but they still add it to their birthday or Christmas list.'

Sue said the advantage she had with her children was they understood when she told them no.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority announced that it would hold a wide-ranging review of the 15-year-old standards regime. Media Authority media manager Donald Robertson said:

'Anything we receive in the way of submissions, we will consider.'

A nutritionist said there was enough evidence to show that children were consuming too many highly advertised, high-fat and high-sugar foods.

'The main goal is to have the ads totally banned during peak children's television time,' she said.

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