Turbos hole boat, earn state honour

By GREGOR MACTAGGARTmactaggartg@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

SPORT so often provides a taste of jubilant highs interspersed with crushing lows.

This was certainly the case for the Tannum Sands Turbos under 21 surf boat crew who earned state selection before suffering a major accident at the Queensland Cup event on Saturday.

The Turbos, who went into the Cup without regular member Matt Bellert and replaced him with youngster Cameron Chynoweth, were involved in an serious accident with the Kurrawa reserve grade crew during their warm-up.

In conditions best described as 'nasty' by sweep Tony Davis, the two boats collided, causing major damage to both boats and oars.

'It was carnage, a number of people said it was one of the worst crashes they had ever seen,' Davis said.

'As a result, a huge hole was ripped into the side of our boat causing huge damage, while $2000 worth of oars were snapped.'

Davis said the accident could not have come at a worse time, particularly after the team had just learned of their Queensland selection.

'It is the worst timing for us, you couldn't believe it,' he said.

But in the truest indication of the Turbos quality they bounced back.

As Chynoweth was ruled out, nursing some bruises, reserve grade member Regan Dunn stepped into the breach.

Even though they were ruled out of the points, the Turbos showed their class by comfortably winning using the reserve grade team's boat.

Davis praised the way his crew ? Joel Sherwood, Shannon Chynoweth, Jason Bedford and Dunn were able to bounce back in the circumstances.

'The boys were excellent, Jason shifted to the other side of the boat for the first time in a couple of years and excelled, while Joel and Shannon were impressive using a different boat,' he said.

'But I have to give a big rap to Regan who rowed in eight races, it was a massive effort and very much appreciated.'

Find out how Tannum's other crews performed in tomorrow's Observer.

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