Time to race at Ferguson Park


THE HIGHLIGHT of Saturday's racing at Ferguson Park will be the running of the Newmarket Handicap over 1194 metres.

The Gladstone Turf Club has received 15 nominations for the event but unfortunately only 10 horses gain a start. Good support for the remaining four races should ensure a good day's racing.

Last year's Newmarket winner He's A Kwila, 2nd placed Grouchie Pattern along with Money Pit have again been nominated for the sprint. Congratulations to the Gladstone Turf Club for the initiative shown at it's last race meeting to have available images of the Sydney and Melbourne races per the TVN network. Rest assured the punters appreciated their effort. Didn't the girls from the Birralee Kindergarten enjoy themselves. Well, judging by the noise they did.

The compere with his microphone decisively won the battle over the broadcast of the southern races but overall the day was a social success.I wonder what the thoughts of racing people are regarding the Courier Mail's racing journalist, Bart Sinclair's recent articles regarding his views on the current state of Queensland Racing?

Basically he questioned the improvements promised by the current administration and looked forward to the release of the financial results when it's Annual Report is released. The executive of Queensland Racing were stung into action by posting a four page reply to licensees quoting facts and figures as they saw the situation.

One thing which stood out in their reply was the fact that the south-east corner of our state ran first, second and third in their priorities and us country bumpkins, well, we were out of a place in racing terms.

For my money I think Sinclair is closer to the correct situation than Queensland Racing officials will have us believe. The next local meeting is the Gladstone Cup on August 6.

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Calliope man Ben Wriede wins Botanic to Bridge by 18 seconds

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