Telfords maul Tigers badly in softball


CONTRARY to the pre-game pre- dictions, Saturday night's Glad- stone Softball Association grand final proved to be a one-sided af- fair with Telfords smashing Ti- gers 30-2.

Just two weeks after upsetting Telfords 5-3, the Tigers found themselves toothless on a night when their opposition could do no wrong, enforcing the mercy rule once the fifth innings of the match had been completed.

Telfords were ruthless at the plate, seemingly every hit being a ground ball into a gap as Tigers failed to reduce the flow of runs despite a strong effort by pitcher Melissa Donald.

Taking the mound in the ab- sence of No.1 pitcher Lexie Ar-mitage, Donald kept plugging away through the entirety of Tel- fords time at the plate but could not stifle the run flow.

Telfords captain Christine Heisner was thrilled with the victory although surprised at the ease with which it came.

'That was most definitely our best batting performance (of the season),' Heisner said.

'It was a great team effort ... I can't fault anyone with the bat.'

Heisner said the fact a major-ity of the team had played together for more than 10 years told in the end, their experience coming through when needed.

'Peta's (Gibbs) pitching was excellent. We know each others' game and what each other is ca- pable of doing.'

Tigers captain Karla Jenkin- son was left to lament a below- par performance but said mak- ing the decider had been a positive in a difficult season.

'We came from nowhere, we could barely scrape together a team midway through the sea- son,' Jenkinson said.

'We knew it would be a strug- gle ... Telfords got good ground- ball hits through the infield and advanced their runners.'

Tigers finished on a positive note, their two runs coming in their final innings. Lisa Jacob- sen and Donald were their best batters.

Heisner, Gibbs, Marnie Schmidt and Tiffany Bates were among Telfords' strongest performers.

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