Tatum out to fix doctor shortage

By GLEN PORTEOUSglenp@gladstoneobserver.dyndns.org

TATUM Bond plans to do her bit to help ease Queensland's doctor shortage in the future.

While the state government and Queensland's branch of the Australian Medical Association tussle over the critical shortage of doctors, Tatum yesterday said she planned to help fill the void in the Gladstone region when she completes her studies at James Cook University.

The former Tannum Sands State High School student recently received an Overall Perfomance (OP) score of two, which will allow her to study medicine at the Townsville university.

"I am really excited about it,'' Tatum said yesterday. The study will take her six years to finish.

"I have always wanted to be a doctor and to help people, because science is my forte,'' she said.

And Tatum said she would do her best to keep her soon-to-be-acquired skills in the Gladstone region.

"When I have finished my study, I want to come back to Gladstone and help out the community that supported and helped me,'' she said. Her mother, Clare, is also estactic about her daughter's achievement.

"I think it's great, she has applied herself and the hard work has paid off,'' Mrs Bond said.

Another Tannum Sands State High student Elizabeth O'Neill, who scored an OP1, also plans to study medicine at university this year.

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