She's nine and wears a black belt


IMAGINE being a black belt at just nine years of age. Well, Gladstone's Georgina Adnum doesn't have to, as she is already.

The talented nine-year-old is the toast of Gladstone-Tannum Sands tae kwon-do club after recently being graded to black belt level after taking up the sport only two years ago.

In doing so, Adnum became the youngest girl throughout the Australasia region to earn a South Pacific tae kwon-do black belt, something she has worked hard for.

"I was very happy to get the black belt, it was something I have worked hard for,'' Adnum said.

"We usually train between two and four days a week, so to get to black belt in two years is great.

"Everyone was excited after the grading for me, I couldn't have been happier.''

And don't think that because Adnum is only nine, that the grading tests are watered down for her.

Adnum's mum Leann, who is also an instructor, described what the pocket-rocket had to do to earn the prestigious black belt.

"When Georgina did her test, there were three other people (between 13 and 26 years of age) alongside of her,'' Leann said.

"She had to perform all the same tasks as those other three including breaking boards which is not easy.

"So when Georgina did it I was very proud of her, she has done very well.''

It has been a great time for the club's families who have reached some special goals themselves recently.

The Read family had a day to remember at the exams, with three members gaining black belt promotions.

Local Sabumnin (teacher) and dad Zane earned a second degree black belt, while 16-year-old daughter Sharna and 13-year-old son Ricky earned their first ever black belts.

The Barnett family were all smiles after proud dad Scott and daughter Shinae were graded to the next coloured belt level. Son Travis also had a day to remember, graded to black belt and was promoted as assistant instructor.

In a clear indication of the family involvement in the sport that members of many other families collected colour belt promotions.

If anyone would like to give the sport of tae kwon-do a try, they can phone 1800 777 033.

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