Sheep fall prey to dingo/dog crosses


KEITH and Jo Hill are at their wits' end over what to do about dingoes and wild dogs killing their sheep.

"We lost one just last week,'' Mr Hill said last Friday. "But we lost several sheep and lambs over the last 12 months ? last year we had four lambs killed in one attack.''

"And in November we lost a dog ? Jo said she saw it being carried off by the dogs.''

He said he was considering getting rid of the sheep, which have been used to keep his orchard just outside Calliope, free of weeds and grass.

Mr Hill said he saw a dalmation-type dog mating with a dingo bitch which he said would make for a dangerous combination.

Wild dog/dingo crosses are more game than purebred dingoes and are more likely to stand up to humans, particularly a child.

Calliope Council's local law and noxious weed officer Darryl Saw said new traps had been put out for the wild dogs at Mr Hill's property, but without success.

Wild dog/dingo crosses had several litters in a season while pure bred dingoes normally had only one litter.

A recent report to Calliope Shire Council said wild dog populations were now nearly as bad as they were at the introduction of 1080 (poison) baiting.

This follows the change to injected baits (meat injected with poison) from traditional rolled baits (meat rolled in the poison) believed by landowners to be more effective.

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