Ruth leads fight for Aussie environment


RUTH Crosson is green, but not green behind the ears. A staunch environmentalist, she still recognises that Gladstone needs its industries.

And she is happy to recognise that most of them appear to be doing their best to be environmentally friendly.

'I'm no rabble-rouser, though I have no objection to those who would stand in front of a bulldozer if they believed it was the right thing to do,' she said.

Ruth claims others deserve more credit than she does in respect to her environmental and heritage interests.

'I'm often just the instigator ? I get an idea but others do the hard work and carry it out,' she said.

All of that is put to the lie by the fact that she spends hours researching her pursuits, is untiring in executive positions, and has a hand in just about every group where the environment or heritage is involved.

Ruth has been a strong supporter of not only planting native trees in Australian gardens, but native trees that are indigenous to the area.

Ruth joined the Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP) in the 1970s. When it fell apart she helped re-form the group and it is now stronger than ever.

'I've been its secretary since 1980 ? that's 25 years now,' she said.

Ruth has also taken an interest in the preservation of native wildlife.

With former Gladstone resident John Noort she began a program of building nesting boxes for native wildlife.

More recently she took an interest in the once busy Norton Gold Fields in the Boyne Valley.

She has Calliope Shire Council's support for trying to get the area heritage listed, but is frustrated by how slow the Environmental Protection Agency is.

Among the other groups she has been part of or associated with are the Calliope Landcare Group, the council's environment management committee, the Maritime Museum, and Greening Australia.

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