Rusal is keen on growth in city

RUSSIAN aluminium giant Ru- sal might be down but it is defi- nitely not out of the develop- ment and construction race.

Despite pulling out of the Aurukun bauxite bid in North Queensland, Rusal is still inter- ested at increasing its invest- ment with the one it has al- ready established in Gladstone.

Gladstone Economic and In- dustry Development Board (GEIDB) chief executive Dr Ken King said:

'Rusal already has an exist- ing investment in Gladstone and it would be advantageous to build on it.'

Rusal currently has 20 per cent of Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) which cost $600 million.

On top of this, Rusal has still committed itself towards estab- lishing a new coal-fired power station and aluminium smelter.

In a Rusal press release, it said it would like to increase its investments in Australia. Gladstone again would prove to be an ideal opportunity for Rusal.

'I would encourage Rusal to continue to investigate to de- velop a smelter in our region,' Dr King said.

Also Dr King said there were many factors determining whether a smelter had suitabil- ity to a region.

'Work has been done on a previous smelter (Aldoga) and they (Rusal) would have to look at power and environmental impacts,'Dr King said.

However if Rusal were un- able to build a coal-fired power station, it would have to look at signing a long-term electicity supply contract to provide pow- er for the proposed smelter.

In a GEIDB report it high- lights Gladstone had already the established infrastructure to help support further indus- try expansion.

With a world class deep wa- ter port and transport links, Gladstone offers infrastructure of support to help support in- dustry development.

Also the availabilty of desig- nated industrial land would play a major factor for any po- tential investors.

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