Roo hunt


THE recent examples of animal cruelty in the region have continued with a kangaroo being shot through the jaw with a crossbow this week.

Residents in Benaraby were disturbed to see the sight of a male kangaroo with a crossbow bolt hanging from it's upper jaw.

Yesterday Calliope Police and Queensland Parks and Wildlife staff attempted to locate the animal to extract the arrow which has been protruding from it for at least three days.

Gail Johnstone felt physically ill when she saw the kangaroo behind her house.

"It wasn't very nice at all, I was nearly sick,'' she said. Kangaroos are regular visitors behind Mrs Johnstone's house, with her and her children enjoying the natural feel.

"That's why we haven't fenced the yard, because we like them coming in,'' she said.

Calliope Police sergeant Mick Despot saw the kangaroo after it was reported by a passing cyclist.

Sgt Despot stated that the bolt was about a foot long and clearly went through the snout of the animal, coming out the other side.

"It would be obviously uncomfortable and distressing for him,'' Sgt Despot said.

"When I saw it it was sitting down feeding with the rest of the mob.''

Sgt Despot said there was also a number of residents in the area said to be bow hunters, with police questioning people widely about the incident.

"The other side of this is we've got people shooting crossbows around in the bush, which is a worry,'' he said. Mr Despot added that an injured kangaroo could also be unpredictable with fears it could become violent towards residents.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife officer Tim Farry yesterday had no luck locating the animal.

"We are trying to find it so we can assess it and see if it can be rehabilitated, if not it will be euthanased,'' he said.

There were real fears for the animal when it was unable to be located yesterday.

Anyone who sights the animal or has any further information is asked to contact the Calliope Police or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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