Roaming cats prowl back yards


CATS going out on the town at night could be a headache for Gladstone residents during the coming sultry spring and summer months.

Felines obeying nature's urgings to multiply are already making a nuisance of themselves, according to Lorikeet Street resident Carolyn Boge.

She said carousing cats were keeping her and her neighbours up at night 'with their yowling and carrying on in the early hours and late hours'.

She said she recently woke to a fight between two or three cats in her next door neighbour's garage.

'I wanted to go out that day but I felt completely washed out because of interrupted sleep,' she said.

She said the noise made by the cats was bad enough but 'sometimes the stench from the cats is just terrible'.

Her neighbour complained to Gladstone City Council which offered her the use of cat traps.

'Council told her she would have to go on a waiting list because all the traps are out at this time,' Mrs Boge said.

Local law officer Dale Thompson said the council could expect more complaints during the next few months.

He said cats which were breaking curfew put a lot of pressure on the demand for cat traps.

Although the council puts out traps for feral cats, residents can borrow traps from the council to trap roaming neighbourhood cats and drop them off to the animal pound themselves.

'If any cat at the pound is registered and is identifiable, council may contact the owner,' Mr Thompson said.

'Otherwise owners whose pets are missing should inquire at council. If they're not claimed, they may be put down.'

Mr Thompson said it was cat owners' responsibility to make sure their cats were not roaming the neighbourhood at night. Cats must be locked in between 8pm and 6am.

He said the council had 25 traps on its books, but some had been stolen, not returned or were damaged. Each cat trap costs $177 to replace.

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