Rising fuel and insurance costs are forcing up taxi fares


TAXI cab users will find they are now paying about $1.50 more on a trip equivalent to a fare from the CBD to Clinton.

Blue and White Taxis Gladstone manager Alan Rowe said fares in Gladstone had risen by eight per cent, mainly because of rising fuel prices and third party insurance.

Mr Rowe said the change in the price on the meters was handled automatically via Global Positioning System under the Townsville network of which the local taxi operation was part.

Queensland Transport announced a rise in fares across the state last week.

The rate per kilometre in regional areas such as Gladstone has increased by 20 cents to $1.58.

In the south-east corner the rise is only $1.50 per kilometre.

The regional areas received the brunt of the rise because most taxis there are run on unleaded petrol or diesel which are more expensive than LPG.

Mr Rowe said further price increases in Gladstone might be expected when Queensland Transport installs security cameras in cabs in August and September next year.

'The Gladstone cabs will get the cameras with the Townsville network,' Mr Rowe said.

He said Gladstone taxi drivers had not had a problem with assaults as experienced in some other areas.

Mr Rowe said there was no need for concern over the cameras.

'Only qualified people will be able to download the information,' he said.

Queensland Transport says it expects to meet the cost of the security cameras through the sale of additional taxi licences.

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