Rides flattened our fearless reporter

By NATALIE PEUTnataliep@gladstoneobserver.com.au

My Challenge: I was asked to go to the Harbour Festival and get on as many rides as possible with 12-year-old Jessica Ashton.

Well let's just say, Jessica would have lasted a lot longer than me. Within a half an hour period, both Jessica and I had gone on the Dodgem cars, The Big Slide, Hurricane, Extreme Force, Zipper and the Super Trooper and then I had to stop. Yes, that's right, I threw up.

I think I would have loved to stick to rides like the Dodgem Cars and The Big Slide however Jessica was keen to jump on all the big ones.

Our first go was in the Dodgems. I will just warn you, don't let a 12-year-old drive, we went backwards many different times along with running into edges rather than other cars.

However we had a lot of fun. Next up was the Big Slide. It was wonderful, easy and lots of fun and I think know that's the perfect ride for me...

Then much to my disgust we started hitting the big stuff. First up was the Hurricane. This was a fantastic ride and a lot of fun surprisingly, apart from being completely squashed by Jessica. It was probably my favourite ride out of all of them.

However for the more adventurous people the Extreme Force and the Zipper are probably the more thrill seeking rides.

We had only lasted on the Zipper for a short time, with Jessica being a little bit too small for the ride, she turned into a flying missile in the carriage.

I can see why a lot of people have fun on it, it's a ride which you really don't know what to expect. One minute you're facing the right way and the next minute you are all over the place.

Then of course we had the Super Trooper, probably one of the softer rides of all the fast ones we had gone on, and for some reason, this was the one I got sick in.

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