Revitalisation project may take longer


GRAND plans for the Gladstone CBD revitalisation project have led to some confusion among residents.

While Gladstone City Council's master plan, which was released in May last year, shows large scale de- velopment running the full length of Goondoon Street, the only plans se- cured are those for stage one, the Li- brary Square precinct.

When the CBD revitalisation pro- ject was originally announced in May last year, it was planned to hap- pen in four stages over four years, with the stages named as the Library Square, Civic Square (across from council chambers), The Hilltop (Ro- seberry and Goondoon streets inter-section) and City Signage. However Gladstone City Council environment project officer Sharon Stott said the council had secured funding for stage one and would only evaluate the other three stages after it was complete.

'At this point in time we're only committed to getting stage one up and running,' Ms Stott said.

'We're only going to investigate the other stages once stage one has been done.'

Ms Stott said a lot of the remain- ing stages would depend on securing funding, but said it wasn't a case of if it would get done but rather when.

The council's master plan also outlined work planned for the water front area, including restaurants and replacing the current boat ramp with a swimming area.

However Ms Stott said none of that work was included in the first four stages and there was no time frame set down for their con- struction.

However, she said it could take be- tween five and 10 years.

In its master plan the council also revealed plans for land it does not yet own, including the area across from the council chambers.

This area was originally to be stage two of the CBD redevelopment, but Ms Stott said it was now post- poned and an agreement has not yet been reached with the property owners.

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