Refinery plants trees to replace papernew trees toreplace paper


A JOINT initiative driven by Comalco Alumina Refinery (CAR) will plant 2000 trees in the region.

The initiative, which involves Calliope Land Care, Cluden Wildlife Management and Conservation Volunteers Australia, is designed to replace the paper used on the CAR site.

CAR environmental superintendent David Smirk said the initiative was designed not only as an immediate solution, but also to promote the importance of conservation to employees.

'We're trying to close the loop on some of the office waste we use at the refinery,' Mr Smirk said.

Mr Smirk said the program was an ongoing commitment, which also helped cement relationships with local conservation groups.

'We will plant two trees for every tree we use in paper as an ongoing committment.'

Calliope Landcare co-ordinator Alice Wardlaw said she was impressed with the initiative shown by Comalco.

'I like that it keeps people on the Comalco site thinking about conserving trees,' she said.

The trees will be planted at Cluden Wildlife Centre, a property outside of town that helps care for and rehabilitate animals.

Cluden manager Maggie Stanek when fully grown, the trees would be used as shelter and food for displaced koalas.

'I think it's fantastic, to have these volunteers out here planting trees is just a blessing,'' she said.

Conservation volunteers Australia Gladstone manager Roderick Colemen encouraged other Gladstone industries to support similar conservation initiatives.

'I believe in industry taking some responsibility for environmental output, and to put trees back in the ground for that reason is great,' Mr Coleman said.

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