Police target drinking holes

By NATALIE PEUTnataliep@gladstoneobserver.com.au

GLADSTONE Police are fed up with residents putting lives at risk because the message to stop drink driving simply isn't getting across.

In August last year The Observer reported the frustration of police after 158 people were caught drink driving since January.

Despite this report, drink driving figures have continued to rise this year, with 192 people caught during the period of January to July this year.

The 'disappointing' figures also include one driver who recorded a disgraceful 0.279, more than five times the legal limit.

Gladstone Police Senior Sergeant Leigh Burt said these figures were extremely disappointing.

'The message to stop drink driving doesn't seem to be getting across,' Snr Sgt Burt said.

'I see such a large number of people go through court with excuses. They all need to learn to just take their punishment.'

He said drink driving caused accidents

'No matter how many times you believe it won't happen to you, it could.'

'Most accidents have the potential to take lives, and it's no point after you've killed a mother and daughter to say sorry, because it will be too late,' he said.

'Rewinding the clock, is simply not possible.'

Snr Sgt Burt said there was always this old tale, 'I drive better when I have had a few drinks'. "It's scientifically proven that you can't,' he said.

'Drinking slows down your reaction time, makes you think slower and reduces your ability to measure distances correctly. I will put anyone to the test who believes that having a few drinks improves your driving.'

GLADSTONE Police have been targeting areas around hotels, where a number of people have been caught leaving the premises drunk and driving home.

'We target those areas, whether it's sitting in their car park waiting for them to get into their car or pulling them up when they are leaving,' Snr Sgt Burt said.

'If this is re-occurring in one place too often, they will need to change their policies and procedures.'

He said Gladstone police would continue to target drink drivers as long as intoxicated people were getting behind the wheel.

'But unfortunately it's like talking to a wall, it just doesn't seem to get through their heads,'' Snr Sgt Burt said

'It shouldn't take losing a licence, jail or killing someone for them to wake up.'

Snr Sgt Burt also encouraged the public to prevent their stop their friends from drink driving.

'Because if you don't, it will be as much your fault as theirs,' he said.

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