Police crack down on drink drivers


THE CRACKDOWN on drink drivers which Gladstone police had promised came on the weekend, with the central business district (CBD) targetted.

The Observer reported on Saturday District Inspector Rowan Bond's concern residents were flaunting anti-drink driving messages.

On Saturday night, Operation Surprise was launched and the CBD went into lock down with police monitoring all the main roads in and out of the area.

More than 1000 random breath tests were performed and many drivers were caught for drinking, speeding and other offences.

Gladstone police also targetted Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and Calliope.

The results unfortunately reflected police concern, with 10 drink drivers caught, as well as three people driving on disqualified licences, and 35 people were issued infringement notices.

"It was pretty obvious people ignored it (the message),'' Insp Bond said.

"They're the lucky ones. They were drink driving but weren't involved in a car accident.''

Insp Bond said there were an equal number of male and female drink drivers caught ? five of each. The usual strike rate is one drink driver for every 100 drivers however Insp Bond said at one point the strike rate was abysmal at three drink drivers found among every 12 drivers.

"We were pretty disappointed with the results,'' he said. "There are some people that choose not to take any notice of what we say ? they're the people that we will be targetting.''

Insp Bond promised as long as Gladstone police continued to see drink driving results like the weekend's, police would be "everywhere, all the time''.

"We'll be conducting more of these,'' Insp Bond said.

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