Police biter sentenced to probationprobation, anger course

A 24-YEAR-old woman pleaded guilty to two counts of seriously assaulting police in Gladstone Magistrates Court this week.

Police were called to a disturbance involving Alicia Starr Carlson and another party on a Gladstone street recently. She was told to leave the scene but would not.

Then she bit an officer on the wrist and thumb, yelling 'I've got AIDS and I hope you get it'.

Past such offences have drawn the ire of the legal system because of the anguish they can cause.

Months of medical testing can be required to clear the officer of health problems, and police prosecutor Graham Seabrook urged the court to send a clear message to the community that such behaviour wouldn't be tolerated.

'While at the station she also spat mucus over the charge counter,' Sgt Seabrook said.

'The fact that she bites an officer under those circumstances means a prison sentence is in range.'

Carlson protested that she had lost a tooth during the incident and been kicked, the latter denied by police.

Magistrate Doug Morton said the whole incident could have been avoided if Carlson had simply complied with initial police requests.

He placed Carlson on 12 months probation, and ordered her to complete anger management, substance abuse and thinking courses.

Magistrate Morton said he had to take into account her early plea and the fact Carlson had no previous history. Convictions were not recorded.

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