Players keen to act in open air

THE Bunbury Players amateur theatre group is looking forward to showing its acting prowess when the open air amphitheatre is finished.

As part of the CBD redevlopment, the open air amphitheatre will be a key component to supplying live entertainment. Long-time treader of the floorboards Noel Wootton is keen to showcase the promising theatre.

'It will set a good atmosphere when it is finished and also school groups can utilise it,' Mr Wootton said.

A recent Gladstone City Council release states the amphitheatre will be an ideal place for music, performance and celebration.

The council is hoping this will help entice performers to try out the facility and encourage spectators to attend whatever show is being performed.

Another member of the theatre group Irene Dudley is keen to give the theatre a go when it opens.

'When it is finished it will be wonderful, we have had the theatre group running for three years and this will be great when it is ready,' Ms Dudley said.

The council already has had several enquiries from schools wanting to incorporate public art and performance in the space.

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