Pipeline to Fitzroy being assessed by government: Premier

THE FITZROY River pipeline plan to secure future water supplies to Glad- stone is "being assessed'' by the state government, according to Premier Peter Beattie.

"I've had a look at the plan, and we'll work through it all ? look at all the different options ? and work out the best way to move forward, be- cause we have a strong commitment to Gladstone and water is an important resource for this town and its industry,'' Mr Beattie said.

The plan, presented by the Glad- stone Area Water Board (GAWB) to Natural Resources and Mines Minis- ter Stephen Robertson last Thurs- day, outlines a number of proposals, the preferred option being a 20,000 to 30,000 megalitre pipeline from Glad- stone to the Fitzroy River.

Mr Beattie said while the GAWB strategic water planning project was still being reviewed, the state gov- ernment was dedicated to assisting local industry and infrastructure in Gladstone.

"We've just injected $150 million towards the Comalco project, and a further $167 million to the port of Gladstone, so we'll look at all these things and continue to deliver to the city of Gladstone,'' Mr Beattie said.

He acknowledged the growth and development within Gladstone meant state funds were needed to up- grade facilities across the region, and was assured local representa- tives would lobby for funding where appropriate.

"We've seen the importance of projects across this region and we've delivered on them, we've been asked to throw money at these plans and we've done that,'' Mr Beattie said.

Mayor Peter Corones said the GAWB report analysed the strategic direction of water infrastructure for Gladstone. He said the report had a "fair way to go'' but once a plan was finalised, he was confident it would lead to the "drought-proofing of Gladstone''.

"That's our aim at this stage, to guarantee the supply of water to Gladstone for the future,'' Mr Corones said.

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