Pet?s throat cut in brutal killing


FOR Stephen Powell losing Jack was like losing a best friend. Jack, the Staffordshire/bull terrier Mr Powell has had since it was a puppy seven years ago, was found with his throat cut and tossed aside in a nearby paddock.

"I have never had a dog like Jack ? he was a one-man dog ? we had been close friends,'' Mr Powell said.

"Of all the animals I have had, he would have been the only one I would never have given away.''

Mr Powell said he was distressed by the death of the dog which he has since buried in his suburban acreage where he also keeps another dog, horses and poultry.

"I now worry about the other animals ? will they do something to my horses.''

He said the last time he had seen Jack alive was Monday last week. "I worked all of Tuesday but we began to miss him Wednesday when my wife noticed he hadn't come for his meals.''

The dog was found by a neighbour on Thursday after its body had apparently been partly devoured by wild animals.

Mr Powell said he believed the person or persons who killed Jack may have been disturbed in their attempts to enter his yard and steal from him.

"It may have been someone who knew the dog's name ? if anyone had called him he would have went to them.''

Mr Powell said it was a concern that there was someone carrying a knife who was cruel enough to do what was done to his pet.

"It's frightening ? heaven help anyone who crosses such a person's path.''

He said he had reported the killing to the police, who have conducted investigations.

Mr Powell said he had carried out his own search since and found the dog's collar, blood, drag marks and 4WD tracks and has reported them to police also.

He urged other animal owners to watch out for their pets and to advise police if they knew anything about Jack's death.

He said he would arrange for tighter security of his property because of the incident.

The killing is just part of a string of animal cruelty incidents in Gladstone in recent months which included the decapitation of chickens in November last year and the bashing near to death of a dog two months later.

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