Party in New Year


NEW YEAR partygoers will have a smorgasbord of fun and entertainment on offer today.

Options are aplenty depending on individual choice. For a rocking night of excitement, the local pubs and clubs will be the go.

General manager for Players International Nightclub and BoJangles, Michael Matz, said a great evening was planned for patrons.

At Players International Nightclub, live bands, giveaways and a Beach Party Theme will help get the atmosphere going for the night.

"We want people to come in and have a good time,'' Mr Matz said.

Back by popular demand is band Eight Pints Shy who will be playing in the Beer Garden.

Upstairs and downstairs will have different music to accommodate different tastes.

If you are looking for a quieter start to the evening, BoJangles will have meals earlier in the evening and live band Harmony's Child will help kick the night off.

This cover band will play favourites to appeal to the crowd.

With patrons' safety in mind, Players and BoJangles have organised a bus service to drop groups of people to different suburbs.

"We have a special agreement with the police and taxis to help people safely get home after partying,'' Mr Matz said.

Yaralla Sports Club is doing the time warp with patrons asked to bring or come dressed according to respective eras.

The live band is One For the Road and a courtesy bus will operate until just after 11pm.

The Rocky Glen has one of the most popular live bands in Central Queensland, Raven, to help the night along, covering all-time favourites such as AC/DC and the Doors.

There will also be giveaways of shirts and hats.

"It should be a good night for all,'' manager Adam McDonald said.

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